Change Your Mind b​/​w Too Long Blues

by Wire Troop

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Two sides of two sides of Wire Troop.

Tom McCrum - drums and vocals
John Lee - bass
Jay Sherman-Godfrey - guitar and lead vocals

Recorded and mixed at Able Mobile HQ, Brooklyn, NY.

Cover and site design by Renee Stonebraker.
Photo by Reuben Radding.

© 2015 Jay Sherman-Godfrey, BMI.


released January 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Wire Troop New York, New York

Wire Troop melds the muscle of a 60s-style power trio with the finesse and stylistic breadth of 70s pub rockers, playing an eclectic selection of second-hand blues, old time rock 'n' roll, Tex-Mex, boogie, R&B instrumentals and garage rock.

Wire Troop was formed in 2014 by three veteran NYC rock and rollers: Jay Sherman-Godfrey on guitar, John Lee on bass and Tom McCrum on drums.
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Track Name: Change Your Mind
Is there nothing I can do that'll change your mind?

I got a new guitar, a fancy talking pedal
I traded in my junker put the pedal to the metal
Gotta make it to the gig, gotta get there on time
Gotta think of something that'll change your mind

I wrote a brand new song with a heartfelt lyric
I taught it to the band 'cus I wanted you to hear it
And if you're not crying by the second line
Well, there's nothing I can do that'll change your mind

Is there nothing I can do that'll change your mind?
I got a dictionary and a book of rhymes
I checked out Roget and Shakespeare, too
Just to think of something I could say to you

I sold my other Tele and my Kalamazoo
I cleared out those amps to make room for two
I put you on the list so you don't have to wait in line
Is there anything I can do to change your mind?

Is there nothing I can do that'll change your mind?
Half a dozen co-writers to punch up my lines
Some A-list pickers to replace the band
Man, they know what I've been through
You'd think they understand

Now that heartfelt record is burning up the charts
But even that can't melt your cold, cold heart
Put your quarter in the jukebox, punch up A29
It's called, "There's nothing I can that'll change your mind."
Track Name: Too Long Blues
Sometimes you think about it just for second
Sometime you worry 'bout it all night long
Sometimes you wonder why you ever said it
Sometimes you wonder why you waited so long
You waited so long
Why'd you wait so long?
You been thinking about how you waited too long

You can talk and talk but you never come clean
You can say what you want but they know what you mean
It's not so dear, you can get it for a song
But that's not going to tell you why, why it all went wrong
Why did it all go wrong?
You been thinking about how it all went wrong, wrong, wrong

You get in your car and you point yourself west
You don't look in the mirror you just step on the gas
Drive through the night and straight through till dawn
But when you get there, you going to find out you waited too long
Why'd you wait so long?
It's nice to see you, but where you been, son?
Go on home.